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    As I slammed the lid and I ordered, "I want a nice little nude fuck bunny when I open this again or I'm gonna take my belt to your ass. " Leaving her there, I went around to the car door, got in, adjusted the seat and mirror, and drove it out of the lot. Would you be kind enough to lead her over there by the wooden fence, please? "Just like I had you do when you lead the dog last time.

    Being careful I back tracked a few times to be sure she was thoroughly lost before I went to the quiet place I had scouted out before for the next part of our little affaire. And then lead her right back here." he told the little girl. Keep leading her round and round the yard while I get the shots I need for her dossier." He explained following the action with his trusty still camera.

    Whores, like you, don't get to wear things like this! Quickly I lowered it and before she knew what was happening, and attached the other cuff to her left ankle.... I did not really wanna but you could see that, rested up, she was returning to the 'assertive bitch crap' mode. After having her sign model release for the video and a number of the stills, I began interviewing the drunken woman. Carefully I assured that I had all these things, were recorded in the documentary I was preparing.

    I grabbed the soft curly badge of femininity a decent woman usually treasures, twisted it and remarked, "This shit goes! While she was sniveling, I took the cuffs out of my back pocket, and captured her right hand. " he said as he cut off the flow of fluid into her vitals, but did not remove the plugging nozzle. you, just like that, and me scripting the questions and answers. As she tried to stand, I left the closed off nozzle in her closed off insuring no leaking till I"m was ready.

    The brazen little moppet, despite the attempted evasions of Claudia, grasped the tender little bud on the right breast and gave it an exploratory twist. "He all ways lets me play with the animals he has at the farm. After a maelstrom of pinches and probes, the truck came to an abrupt halt and he called out the window. (This brought a small reaction but the manipulation of her clit soon quieted her ..

    Claudia, who until now had tried to keep her own privacy by starring at the truck bed found her self violated by the pinching fingers of the girls little thumbs and forefingers. AAAAA.." Claudia protested as the delighted little girl, once she had established a firm hold, twisted the tender pink nub first right, then left, and then back again... Claudia tried to keep silent to evade the little girls inquiries, but the insistent small hands and constant probing fingers would not be denied. No I'll just play with you some now and come by after supper for a right fun time then ..." The moppet related to the nude as she explored the less filthy parts of Claudia's available naked anatomy. He dragged her now slippery nudity down from the truck and positioned her on the cold metal table.

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    Smiling at my result, I approached and began running both of my hands over her soft round curves and smooth white skin. As she strove to come to some accommodation with this enforced posture she felt a lubricated finger attack her now defenseless anus! Finally using an electrical winch, the bag was hoisted about 6 feet above her now held open anus. She felt her formally flat belly swell up with the unwanted fluid as his mocking voice informed her .. please stop the water and let me relieve myself ... I can wait for your answer or I can maybe let in some more water to help you decide." "NO! I am making this video of my free will." From off camera he read the first question, "And you have no objections to the denuding of your pubis, shown here below your chin? Leaving her to adsorb the alcohol I again went out to smoke.

    " Bethany inquired, delightedly drunk with her newly found mastery over the dirty naked chained fully grown woman .. I'll be good." Claudia swallowed her pride and surrendered herself to the exploring hands and fingers of the brazen little moppet. The soft warm foamy soap that aided the denuding of her pubs was just delightful in her exhausted aroused state. The pain in her crotch had been enough to break up the euphoria, but his clit stimulation, soon had her mind confusing the pain with her pleasure.

    You are all muddy and I don't want ya messing up the inside, of the truck, besides, I know you'll love the nice horsie ride in the fresh air..." I retorted... Are you going to be a good little bitch or should I just twist this off? again.) He attached her joined hands over her head to the top of the table and spread her legs wide so her body took on a 'Y' shape on the table top, face up.

    He detached her from the table and man handed her body over to the strange device on the floor. Next the ingenious part of the mechanism was called into play! " she shouted to no avail as the finger, it's lube job done was withdrawn and replaced with a large complicated enema nozzle. Now I'll read the question parts and you'll read the answers that are there. Any fuck ups on your part, and we will wait for a while and then start all over again." He informed her. She was soo grateful she felt she was in love with him.

    "Now you be a good piggy and we'll ride all the way home to the you're nice warm sty." "You ... Snappp The pain in her crotch was enough to bring a violent reaction from her, but his expert rubbing of her clit soon quieted her again. She was now positioned so that her face, tits and open crotch all resided in a very small close area. News readers, who call themselves reporters use then all the time. Ah well I'll just let in some more water and when I come back in half an hour, or so, we will try another take. " I smiled while turning off the lights and equipment, then I staggered away to smoke another cigar. From this position, I let her expel most of the unwanted putrid fluid into a bucket under the frame.

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